After BMW, Lidar Maker Innoviz Sets Sights on China

Until recently, the Lidar that self-driving cars need to "see" the road required a spinning apparatus that is bulky and expensive. Innoviz, an Israeli company, has created a much cheaper, solid-state Lidar, as well as the computer vision that autonomous vehicles need to make split-second decisions on the road. Earlier this year, Innoviz announced that BMW would use its technology starting in 2021. Now, Innoviz is aiming to enter the Chinese market, where more than 26 million vehicles are manufactured annually.



Accelerating the Drive to Save Lives

Approximately 1.25 million people die and 50 million are injured on the worldís roads each year, and the problem is growing. At the same, mobile technology holds the potential to make roads and driving safer through autonomous driving, smart cities and Artificial Intelligence. Working together, government, business and academia are ideally situated to bring a range of perspectives, expertise, and energy for targeted safety initiatives. Join Brian Greaves, Director of Product and Channel Management for Vehicle Solutions, AT&T; John Maddox, President & CEO, American Center for Mobility, and David Braunstein, President, Together for Safer Roads, for a deep dive into how public-private coalitions can make the difference through such advances as C-V2X technology

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