Audi A8 Paves a Path to Level 3 Autonomy

The Audi A8 is the latest version of the company's signature sedan lineup. The A8 is equipped with several new additions, including advanced safety features, updated driver assistance systems and bigger and better infotainment. Even more importantly, however, the A8 is already designed for Level 3 autonomy, although Audi is not ready to flip the switch on that just yet. At the LA Auto Show, Anthony Faulk, the product manager for the Audi A8, tells automotive reporter Jaclyn Trop what drivers can expect.



Why & How OEMs Should Consider a Global Solution

Greg Ross worked at General Motors for over three decades. During this time, he spent a decade and a half building their connected car business and can speak with authority on connected cars, IoT, telematics, and mobility. In this webinar, Greg lends his knowledge and know-how to your company, be it a billion-dollar enterprise or a startup. He has a deep understanding of what you may be going through when it comes to choosing a connectivity solution, and heíll clue you in on some things you probably havenít realized you should do to build a sustainable future.

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