Augmented Reality Startup WayRay Turns Windshields Into Holograms

WayRay is the first holographic car navigation product to hit the market. It turns a car's entire windshield into a display, projecting images at a realistic depth so the driver doesn't have to look down at your other devices and be distracted. This Switzerland-based company has already raised $18 million from Alibaba and wowed judges at the LA Auto Show, where it placed first in a startup competition. The company also offers a device that collects data on individual driving styles and "gamifies" what drivers do behind the wheel.



Blockchain for Connected Vehicles: Driving Toward A More Automated Future

Blockchain technology, the same system that backs cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin, has the potential to revolutionize connected vehicles and autonomous driving. Russell Vegh, principal member of the technical staff at A&T Internet of Things Solutions, will provide an in-depth overview of blockchain technology touching on key concepts such as mining, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. He will focus on how blockchain could play a key role in autonomous vehicles, V2I and V2X. He will also discuss key challenges such as device identity, information privacy and adoption.

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