Bandwidth aggregation and the connected car
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Just One Just One Bandwidth aggregation and the connected car
Re: Bandwidth aggregation and the connected car

It's interesting because I feel like there has been so much talk about the need for secure and ubiquitous connectivity for a number of applications for years now. It will be great if connected cars end up being the use case that makes it a reality.

pbadalia pbadalia Bandwidth aggregation and the connected car
Bandwidth aggregation and the connected car

An immediate application that is likely to be of interest to all auto manufacturers from a connected car aspect would be OTA SW updates and upgrades and maybe even remote support. However, this or any other application for connected cars, would necessitate the availability of secure and ubiquitous connectivity. That is where bandwidth aggregation would play an important role in aggregating (combining) bandwidth from different channels (example: 4G+WiFi). The solution needs to be intelligent and should be network aware to decide on the channel(s) to be used depending upon the application.



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