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 Steve Bell Steve Bell Optimism vs. Pragmatism in the Connected Car Industry
Re: Both required

Krish, thanks for your comment. Your observation is very true, in a single industry trying to absorb technology change and achieve a product to service business model transformation. The challenge with the connected autonomous car is the additional...

 Steve Bell Steve Bell Urgent Imperative for the Autonomous Car Market: Open Standards
Fear may drive another path

Given the industry is under threat from electric vehicles and autonomous cars, both of which fundamentally disrupt the industries business model, it is not surprising that there is a reluctance to embrace open standards. The fear of losing...

Just One Just One Urgent Imperative for the Autonomous Car Market: Open Standards
Collaboration is key, but it'll take awhile

Lot of great points here. Would be interesting to know what stages the aviation industry went through before arriving at its current open standards protocol. It seems like autonomous cars will get there, too...eventually. Collaboration does...



Connected Car Security: What's Driving Innovation Now and How to Get Your Collaboration Strategy in Gear

AT&Tís IoT Security leads Katie Curtin and Senthil Ramakrishnan discuss the latest cybersecurity trends and initiatives with Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Steve Bell, looking at how OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, connectivity platforms and service providers can work together to improve the business potential of connected & autonomous vehicles while remaining focused on driver and passenger safety.

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