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ScottFerg34 ScottFerg34 MWC 2018: 7 Views of Connected & Autonomous Cars

The Mercedes A-Class was the show stopper. People were lining up to take selfies with it.

kkweng kkweng Are Autonomy & Connectivity at Odds With One Another?

Why does ConnectedCar not publish a date with these articles ? Very frustrating when trying to figure out relevance and whether was published before or after other things.

KevinPetschow KevinPetschow How Aeris Became a Connected Car Solutions Provider
Thank you

Thank you, Steve Bell, for your time and continued interest in Aeris, a pioneer and technology leader in the Internet of Things industry.


Automated Driving: How Government Can Help

Governments at all levels have key roles to play in the convergence of the transportation, technology, and infrastructure that will be necessary to enable automated driving. Jeff Stewart, AT&T Assistant Vice President for Public Policy, will discuss several key interrelated policy initiatives: smart cities, small cell deployments, FirstNet for first responders, broadband deployment, and V2X technologies. He will also share how policies can help protect against security risks and help ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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