About Us

THE CONNECTED CAR is a laser-focused, ever-evolving community resource for the leaders, innovators and stakeholders driving today's global automotive industry.

THE CONNECTED CAR allows the decision-makers of the connected car and autonomous vehicle industry to crowdsource the critical intelligence they need to achieve competitive edge and formulate effective business strategies. With a combination of reporting, webinars, instructional videos, moderated message boards, infographics, case-studies, research and analysis; this community unites the connected vehicle ecosystem; from OEMs to Tier-1 Suppliers, Semiconductors/RF to Insurance Carriers, Enterprise Fleet to Technology, Trucking to CSP's.

THE CONNECTED CAR will feature contributors from C-Suite, R&D, line-of-business, IT, compliance, government, thought leadership, analytics and research.

THE CONNECTED CAR offers an authoritative, in-depth look at how connected cars and autonomous vehicles are changing the way the automotive industry does business now and moving forward.



Accelerating the Drive to Save Lives

Approximately 1.25 million people die and 50 million are injured on the worldís roads each year, and the problem is growing. At the same, mobile technology holds the potential to make roads and driving safer through autonomous driving, smart cities and Artificial Intelligence. Working together, government, business and academia are ideally situated to bring a range of perspectives, expertise, and energy for targeted safety initiatives. Join Brian Greaves, Director of Product and Channel Management for Vehicle Solutions, AT&T; John Maddox, President & CEO, American Center for Mobility, and David Braunstein, President, Together for Safer Roads, for a deep dive into how public-private coalitions can make the difference through such advances as C-V2X technology

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