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mhhfive mhhfive Startup ClearMotion Has a Cure for Autonomous Carsickness
Sounds like a job for Augmented Reality..?

Perhaps in addition to (or instead of) this fancy active suspension -- I was thinking maybe passengers would wear AR glasses that let them know when motions might potentially cause motion sickness. Any suspension system to counteract these...

Welaa Welaa Should Government Brake or Accelerate Self-Driving Cars?
Why not...

As this article pointed out, the trend is definitely bullish for autonomous car. I guess it could have some advantage but what about the negative side? Is it about to change the way we see and use automobile or as we say in French :...

mehdi1973us mehdi1973us Nissan Rogue Sport Offers More Standard ADAS Safety Features

As someone who has always enjoyed Nissan products, it's good to see they are upgrading their safety of Rouge sport model of Nissan.

mhhfive mhhfive Nissan 2019 Lineup to Feature 'ProPILOT Assist'
"Hands On" driving assistance?

> "While providing steering assist, reducing the need for constant small steering adjustments, the driver's hands must be on the steering wheel at all times..." That's an interesting approach, but does having two hands on the wheel actually...



Automated Driving: How Government Can Help

Governments at all levels have key roles to play in the convergence of the transportation, technology, and infrastructure that will be necessary to enable automated driving. Jeff Stewart, AT&T Assistant Vice President for Public Policy, will discuss several key interrelated policy initiatives: smart cities, small cell deployments, FirstNet for first responders, broadband deployment, and V2X technologies. He will also share how policies can help protect against security risks and help ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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