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Unlimited Productivity with Unlimited Data

by Brian Greaves
Staying connected on the go has never been more beneficial to businesses and their employees. From the fleet driver who requires near real-time updates on the road, to the sales executive who needs access to blueprints while commuting, internet connectivity can be transformative.

Connected car technology can help mobilize these work tasks, providing employees with the necessary connectivity for work while in transit. For some industries, this has even proven to be essential.

I know what you're probably thinking -- this all sounds great, but the data bill doesn't. Stay with me, we're just getting to the good part.

While data usage concerns once served as a barrier for employees to work on the go; we're breaking down that wall. Staying connected on the road is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

Case in point: as of the end of Q1 2017, we had 13 million connected cars on the AT&T network and started offering unlimited data plans for mobile 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots earlier this year. That means both consumers and businesses can now connect while on the go without being hindered by data usage concerns or cost limitations.

General Motors customers can already sign up for unlimited data for their vehicles through certain auto manufacturers at nearly 5,000 AT&T retail stores across the U.S.

And we're rolling out shared unlimited data plans with centralized billing for enterprise customers this summer. That means they will be able to add embedded hotspot connectivity to corporate mobility accounts as easily as adding a smartphone. Mobile workers using connected car solutions will be able to share data more quickly and securely, better attend to customers, boost productivity and maximize efficiencies while on the road.

With the new connected car plans for business, employees can connect multiple smartphones, tablets and laptops to a single vehicle hotspot without worrying about data overage charges. This could have a huge impact on how businesses operate in the field.

Business customers will also receive the benefits of high-speed connectivity with more flexibility by choosing unlimited data plans. Chevrolet is first to offer this plan, followed by other manufacturers later this year.

Unlimited data on the go will help unlock limitless possibilities. And it's just the beginning. Connected car technology is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, streamline and scale across multiple industries.

And we're working to create a safer, more reliable, more enjoyable transportation experience, while improving countless corporate efficiencies every single day.

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