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How Movimento Is Creating the Software Defined Car

by Sam Chase
The Movimento website is adorned with awards that the company has won for its automotive over-the-air (OTA) update platform: The IoT Evolution Excellence Award (2015), the IoT Breakthrough Product of the Year (2016), the TMCnet Business Impact Award (2016), the TU-Automotive Best Telematics Award (2016) and the Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award (2016).

Clearly, it's a product that has been well received.

Company leaders are able to add another trophy to the collection this month, as Movimento recently received Frost & Sullivan's 2017 Award for Excellence in Technology Innovation for its Unified OTA Platform.

But Movimento platform is about much more than winning awards. It's about changing the way that the car of the future operates.

"The Software Defined Car is about proactively managing vehicle software, security and data. These key characteristics will define the success of tomorrow's automotive company," Movimento CTO and CMO Mahbubul Alam noted in an announcement. "Movimento's Unified OTA Platform is here to help the automotive industry and is ready for the future with advanced capabilities including artificial intelligence."

The Unified OTA Platform is a technology platform that allows vehicular systems to stay up to date with software without having to take a trip to a dealership. As automobiles become ever more reliant on computerized systems, that software will need to be updated regularly, much like the operating system on your phone or laptop. But taking a car in for service every time a new software update is released is unfeasible. That's why Movimento has developed an over-the-air platform, where updates can be sent to a vehicle remotely in an efficient and secure manner.

For OEMs, this technology can yield tremendous benefits.

"The new wireless technology matches modules with the correct software in-plant, on the line, and at the point of installation," the company says. "This is a radical shift from the old model of sorting and serializing modules at the sorting hub, then taking up floor space storing numerous different modules in the plant."

Movimento is also focused on delivering solutions that improve consumers' lives, such as protecting their vehicles and their personal information by using the latest cybersecurity technologies. As vehicle infotainment systems have evolved, the quantity and depth of consumer information stored in them has grown accordingly, opening up data like passwords and credit card info to a potential cyberattack. Even scarier is the possibility that a car could be hijacked and remotely driven by a hacker. Movimento's systems stay ahead of those who would do harm, preventing cyber break-ins.

This past January, Movimento joined with another innovative leader in vehicle connectivity when it was acquired by auto tech supplier Delphi Automotive.

"The acquisition of Movimento strengthens Delphi's position as a leading end-to-end systems and software provider to the industry as vehicle connectivity becomes increasingly ubiquitous," said Delphi president and CEO Kevin Clark at the time of the deal.

As connected cars come to represent a greater proportion of vehicles on the road with each passing year, it's important to remember that the safety and efficacy of these cars is not a given. Products like Movimento's OTA Platform are necessary to keep cars and passengers safe. Because at the end of the day, that's an accomplishment greater than any award.



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