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Nissan 2019 Lineup to Feature 'ProPILOT Assist'
Derek Kramer, product planner at Nissan, reveals one of its latest technologies, ProPILOT Assist, which is aimed at reducing the hassle of stop-and-go highway driving. It's offered in the company's latest models, including the 2019 Altima, Leaf and Rouge.
AT&T: Providing IoT Solutions
Mobeen Khan, AVP of IoT Strategy & Product Management at AT&T, discusses the different solutions it is offering, including multi-network connect, data flow, and end-to-end application.
Honda Urban EV Spotted in Geneva
At this month's Geneva Motor Show, Honda showcased its retro Urban EV vehicle, which features a digital, voice-activated assistant. Eventually, Honda plans to introduce its NeuV artificial intelligence technology as well.
T-Mobile Provides Connectivity to Your Automobile
Daniel Rockey, the senior manager for Product Management at T-Mobile, talked with Heavy Reading analyst Steve Bell at the recent TU-Automotive Consumer Telematics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, to show how much data cars can collect and share with the owner.
How Connected Cars Are Helping to Drive Smart City Agendas
Connected cars are becoming more common, and these vehicles are considered integral to how smart cities grow and develop. Light Reading Senior Editor Mari Silbey recently spoke with Chris Penrose, senior vice president of IoT Solutions at AT&T Mobility, about connected cars and other smart city challenges.
Innoviz Looks to Break the Lidar Mold
One of the hottest companies at this year's CES was Innoviz, which has been developing solid-state Lidar technology, and has earned the company accolades, as well as venture capital money and a lot interest from the auto sector.
Creating a Common Language for Smart Cities
Concepts such as the Internet of Things and smart cities are still relatively new. The challenge in southern Nevada, which includes Las Vegas, is getting elected officials, IT professionals and other stakeholders in these technologies to speak the same language and have a common lexicon.
How OEMs Can Monetize Vehicle Data
With connected and autonomous vehicles collecting more and more data, OEMs are eager to start monetizing the information that is being collected, and build new services around it.
At CES, The Car Is Now the Platform
At CES in Las Vegas, Heavy Reading analyst Steve Bell is on the lookout for the biggest developments in artificial intelligence, 5G and smart cities technologies, and how these will be incorporated within autonomous vehicles.
Startup Innoviz Puts Its Spin on Lidar Sensors
One of the biggest obstacles to fully connected, autonomous vehicles is Lidar -- the main sensor that allows the car to "see" where it's going and what obstacles are in the way. Innoviz Technologies is a startup that is looking to make Lidar sensors smaller, lighter and less expensive. The Connected Car caught up with Oren Rosenzweig, co-founder and chief business officer of Innoviz, at the recent LA Auto Show to learn more.
Globetouch & OEMs: Working Together
Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Steve Bell recently sat down with three Globetouch executives: Munish Kumar, AVP of New Products; Sunil Kaul, SVP M2M and America; and Luis Arreguin, sales manager, to find out how the company works with different OEMs, both directly and through its partner ecosystem.
Why Aeris Is Agnostic About 5G
Aeris CMO Raj Kanaya discusses why his company remains agnostic regarding communications technology, and how the real focus is on what's best for the company's customers and OEMs.
Globetouch: Building Platforms for Connected Cars
What does it take to build a platform to support connected and autonomous vehicles? Globetouch's GStack platform is delivered through a software-as-a-service model and offers its customers access to a virtualized connectivity fabric that allows machines and IoT devices to communicate with one another.
Fleet Complete: GPS Fleet Tracking & Telematics
Fleet Complete is a data-driven business that collects and aggregates data from IoT sensors installed in trucking vehicles. The company currently has over 250,000 customers and places a heavy focus on working with carrier networks.



Accelerating the Drive to Save Lives

Approximately 1.25 million people die and 50 million are injured on the worldís roads each year, and the problem is growing. At the same, mobile technology holds the potential to make roads and driving safer through autonomous driving, smart cities and Artificial Intelligence. Working together, government, business and academia are ideally situated to bring a range of perspectives, expertise, and energy for targeted safety initiatives. Join Brian Greaves, Director of Product and Channel Management for Vehicle Solutions, AT&T; John Maddox, President & CEO, American Center for Mobility, and David Braunstein, President, Together for Safer Roads, for a deep dive into how public-private coalitions can make the difference through such advances as C-V2X technology

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