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Startup Innoviz Puts Its Spin on Lidar Sensors
One of the biggest obstacles to fully connected, autonomous vehicles is Lidar -- the main sensor that allows the car to "see" where it's going and what obstacles are in the way. Innoviz Technologies is a startup that is looking to make Lidar sensors smaller, lighter and less expensive. The Connected Car caught up with Oren Rosenzweig, co-founder and chief business officer of Innoviz, at the recent LA Auto Show to learn more.
Globetouch & OEMs: Working Together
Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Steve Bell recently sat down with three Globetouch executives: Munish Kumar, AVP of New Products; Sunil Kaul, SVP M2M and America; and Luis Arreguin, sales manager, to find out how the company works with different OEMs, both directly and through its partner ecosystem.
Why Aeris Is Agnostic About 5G
Aeris CMO Raj Kanaya discusses why his company remains agnostic regarding communications technology, and how the real focus is on what's best for the company's customers and OEMs.
Globetouch: Building Platforms for Connected Cars
What does it take to build a platform to support connected and autonomous vehicles? Globetouch's GStack platform is delivered through a software-as-a-service model and offers its customers access to a virtualized connectivity fabric that allows machines and IoT devices to communicate with one another.
Fleet Complete: GPS Fleet Tracking & Telematics
Fleet Complete is a data-driven business that collects and aggregates data from IoT sensors installed in trucking vehicles. The company currently has over 250,000 customers and places a heavy focus on working with carrier networks.
Globetouch CEO: We're Building Virtualized Connectivity
Riccardo Di Blasio, the CEO of Globetouch, wants to build a network of virtualized connectivity. During a recent conversation with Heavy Reading analyst Steve Bell, Di Blasio talked about getting the four-year-old company ready for the IoT era by building a worldwide fabric of connectivity.
Autonomous Driving Needs a Secure Foundation
Mobeen Khan, IoT strategy and product management executive at AT&T, and Heavy Reading senior analyst Steve Bell talk about investments in autonomous driving, and why the technology needs a secure foundation.
Platoons Will Make Trucking Safer & More Efficient
Using on-board communications technology, platooning allows two or more trucks to safely follow at a close distance, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing the speed at which trucks could potentially travel.
Connected Cars: Focusing on the Drivers
At the recent Mobile World Congress Americas show in San Francisco, Heavy Reading Analyst Steve Bell caught up with James Dawson, managing director of Connected Cars at Cisco Jasper.
The Connected Car Visits MWC Americas 2017
At this year's Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, The Connected Car attended the event with Heavy Reading Analyst Steve Bell, who offered his insights into the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.



Blockchain for Connected Vehicles: Driving Toward A More Automated Future

Blockchain technology, the same system that backs cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin, has the potential to revolutionize connected vehicles and autonomous driving. Russell Vegh, principal member of the technical staff at A&T Internet of Things Solutions, will provide an in-depth overview of blockchain technology touching on key concepts such as mining, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. He will focus on how blockchain could play a key role in autonomous vehicles, V2I and V2X. He will also discuss key challenges such as device identity, information privacy and adoption.

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