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Globetouch CEO: We're Building Virtualized Connectivity
Riccardo Di Blasio, the CEO of Globetouch, wants to build a network of virtualized connectivity. During a recent conversation with Heavy Reading analyst Steve Bell, Di Blasio talked about getting the four-year-old company ready for the IoT era by building a worldwide fabric of connectivity.
Autonomous Driving Needs a Secure Foundation
Mobeen Khan, IoT strategy and product management executive at AT&T, and Heavy Reading senior analyst Steve Bell talk about investments in autonomous driving, and why the technology needs a secure foundation.
Platoons Will Make Trucking Safer & More Efficient
Using on-board communications technology, platooning allows two or more trucks to safely follow at a close distance, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing the speed at which trucks could potentially travel.
Connected Cars: Focusing on the Drivers
At the recent Mobile World Congress Americas show in San Francisco, Heavy Reading Analyst Steve Bell caught up with James Dawson, managing director of Connected Cars at Cisco Jasper.
The Connected Car Visits MWC Americas 2017
At this year's Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, The Connected Car attended the event with Heavy Reading Analyst Steve Bell, who offered his insights into the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.


The Connected Car Today and Tomorrow

In this Webinar, Brian Greaves, Director of Product Management - AT&T Internet of Things (IoT), Vehicle Solutions, will discuss how AT&T and industry players are influencing the future of the Connected Car and paving the way for vehicle solutions through advancements such as in-car Wi-Fi connectivity, entertainment, and automated vehicle solutions. Brian will also provide insight to future projections of the Connected Car and discuss innovations that are helping design and influence the road ahead.

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