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Automated Truck Market to Hit $1.7B by 2025
The promise of self-driving trucks – big cost savings, environmental benefits and faster delivery – is tempered by the fear of hackers' real and imagined capabilities, a new study from Allied Market Research finds.
Tampa Project Steers Connected Cars' Future
The Tampa Connected Vehicle Pilot uses new network technology on after-market equipment added to existing cars to potentially link all road users in a move designed to save lives, cut congestion, enhance the environment and reduce commuting costs.
Toyota Pledges DSRC Connected-Car System for US Vehicles in 2021
Within three years, some US Toyota drivers will be protected by DSRC radios that alert them to worrisome, real-time traffic issues such as congestion and dangerous intersections. Signals may travel car-to-car or go through a local network – unless competitors such as cable and mobile operators jam up the plan.
Michigan's American Center for Mobility Officially Opens
The newly opened Michigan's American Center for Mobility is being lauded as the future of autonomous vehicle development and testing. Microsoft, which is eyeing a bigger role for itself in the connected and autonomous vehicle market, was also on hand for the opening ceremony.



Automated Driving: How Government Can Help

Governments at all levels have key roles to play in the convergence of the transportation, technology, and infrastructure that will be necessary to enable automated driving. Jeff Stewart, AT&T Assistant Vice President for Public Policy, will discuss several key interrelated policy initiatives: smart cities, small cell deployments, FirstNet for first responders, broadband deployment, and V2X technologies. He will also share how policies can help protect against security risks and help ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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