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AT&T: Providing IoT Solutions
Mobeen Khan, AVP of IoT Strategy & Product Management at AT&T, discusses the different solutions it is offering, including multi-network connect, data flow, and end-to-end application.
Honda Urban EV Spotted in Geneva
At this month's Geneva Motor Show, Honda showcased its retro Urban EV vehicle, which features a digital, voice-activated assistant. Eventually, Honda plans to introduce its NeuV artificial intelligence technology as well.
Connected & Autonomous Cars Increase Power, Fuel Use
A study from the University of Michigan and the Ford Motor Innovation Center finds that autonomous and connected cars could actually produce more pollution compared to normal cars thanks to additional components and technologies used to build them.
Connected Cars Edging Toward '3rd Place'
For years, people had three connected places they could go: Their home, their office and their local coffee shop. Now, however, connected cars are looking to edge out bistros as the third place for people to connect with technology.


Automated Driving: How Government Can Help

Governments at all levels have key roles to play in the convergence of the transportation, technology, and infrastructure that will be necessary to enable automated driving. Jeff Stewart, AT&T Assistant Vice President for Public Policy, will discuss several key interrelated policy initiatives: smart cities, small cell deployments, FirstNet for first responders, broadband deployment, and V2X technologies. He will also share how policies can help protect against security risks and help ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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