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kkweng kkweng Are Autonomy & Connectivity at Odds With One Another?

Why does ConnectedCar not publish a date with these articles ? Very frustrating when trying to figure out relevance and whether was published before or after other things.

KevinPetschow KevinPetschow How Aeris Became a Connected Car Solutions Provider
Thank you

Thank you, Steve Bell, for your time and continued interest in Aeris, a pioneer and technology leader in the Internet of Things industry.

Just One Just One Lyft, Udacity Training Self-Driving Car Engineers
Exciting concept

The idea of training individuals to work on self-driving cars seems like a great idea. These are the jobs of the future, but acquiring the skills to get a foot in the door is a huge challenge. Having something akin to how Code Academy teaches...



Why & How OEMs Should Consider a Global Solution

Greg Ross worked at General Motors for over three decades. During this time, he spent a decade and a half building their connected car business and can speak with authority on connected cars, IoT, telematics, and mobility. In this webinar, Greg lends his knowledge and know-how to your company, be it a billion-dollar enterprise or a startup. He has a deep understanding of what you may be going through when it comes to choosing a connectivity solution, and heíll clue you in on some things you probably havenít realized you should do to build a sustainable future.

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