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Just One Just One Lyft, Udacity Training Self-Driving Car Engineers
Exciting concept

The idea of training individuals to work on self-driving cars seems like a great idea. These are the jobs of the future, but acquiring the skills to get a foot in the door is a huge challenge. Having something akin to how Code Academy teaches...

moltarsh moltarsh Go Beyond the Fleet: Evolving Business Operations
Re: Just the beginning

Due to its enterprise nature, the transformation of automotive will be lead by the trucking industry. That said, the deadline for the ELD mandate, December 2017, has been in place since 2015, yet the majority of small to mid-size fleets are...

moltarsh moltarsh Google's Autonomous Vehicle Spending Tops $1.1B
Henry Ford

The second coming of the transportation revolution. Sooner than most realize.

Just One Just One Go Beyond the Fleet: Evolving Business Operations
Just the beginning

Change can be hard, but it is also beneficial. Data that is still being tracked and recorded on pen and paper is incredibly inefficient. And the ELD should correct a lot of those issues. But the point about finding a partner that can also look...


The Connected Car – Today and Tomorrow

In this Webinar, Brian Greaves, Director of Product Management - AT&T Internet of Things (IoT), Vehicle Solutions, will discuss how AT&T and industry players are influencing the future of the Connected Car and paving the way for vehicle solutions through advancements such as in-car Wi-Fi connectivity, entertainment, and automated vehicle solutions. Brian will also provide insight to future projections of the Connected Car and discuss innovations that are helping design and influence the road ahead.

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